‘Positive Change’ Project Development & Funding

catharineCatharine has previously worked for the NHS for 20 years as a Health Professional and Health Care Researcher. In 2000 Catharine left the NHS to start her own’ Health Information’ company successfully sold on in 2011. Catharine is an international author ‘Ask a Midwife’ (Dorling Kindersley).

Since 2012 Catharine has worked as our Project Development& Funding Worker. Her experience and skills as entrepreneur, business leader and project manager have made a significant contribution to helping establish The Hidden Homeless Ltd as a viable company. Catharine is responsible for our recent success in achieving our first major funding award in 2013 of £220,000 from The Big Lottery – enabling us to help over 200 vulnerable people each year.

Catharine is also responsible for project monitoring and tracking, assisting with partnership development and generally helping the Hidden Homeless CEO to expand the capacity of The Hidden Homeless Ltd and to achieve charitable status.