Secret Millionaire

Andrew Feldman the youngest ever secret millionaire came to Bradford under cover as a volunteer & got involved with The Hidden Voices magazine, a homeless magazine setup by activist & Homeless campaigner Gary Staniforth, in 2008 Gary sat on the steps at the city hall & protested Bradford council to be re-housed.

Gary has now set up The Hidden Homeless Ltd social enterprise to work with the homeless community promoting positive change said “It was a total shock and a very emotional experience.
To receive such a pat on the back was amazing and humbling, I had no idea until the last moment when those mortal words “I’ve not been entirely honest with you” came out I knew immediately this was the programme I watch all the time and I was now on it.

When he handed me the cheque for the company I was speechless, but when he handed me a further cheque for me personally I was in pieces as this meant I could take my little man on holiday and start driving again, which would make my life so much easier.

After 4 years of walking and working on job seekers on a voluntary basis & a passion for change has kept me going, now with funds to help me build on what I have started, I can’t wait to get going with The Hidden Homeless Ltd and my vision to take on empty properties, supply training in the building trade for people living in hostels and develop both client and property to start life again.

The Secret millionaire Andrew Feldman a top professional poker star came along as a youth who was seeking to volunteer and get involved in the HIDDEN VOICES magazine, a magazine we set up to give people a voice and share experiences of life, in the hope to inspire others to turn their lives around. Andrew also wrote an article at one of the creative writing workshops Gary runs for the Hidden Voices in the form of an apology to his parents for a huge loss at the early stages of his career. After writing the article Andrew was then asked to sell 5 copies in the centre of Bradford as a vendor to experience the hardship of earning enough for a cuppa and a sandwich.

Gary also said him and Andrew have become good friends and share a passion for poker, Gary believes Andrew will make another of his dreams come true one day, to play in a world series of poker event in Vegas against the pro’s Gary commented that if he was to take any prize money he would use it to further his passion to change lives.

Andrew told Gary it was a pleasure and an honor to support such a wonderful cause and see the amazing work Gary does to change the lives of people on a day to day basis.

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