Colin 2011 lighterI first learnt about The Hidden Homeless when the charity I work for began setting up a new community centre in Bradford. The Hidden Homeless are one of our service partners, and I could see that their Life Skills and Recovery training were having a big impact on changing the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in the city. I joined the board in late 2015.

I am married to Dawn and have two grown-up kids. I graduated from Huddersfield University (or Poly as it was then) in 1984 with a degree in music, but then served in the world of radio broadcasting for around 20 years, working at the BBC in Leeds and presenting regularly on Pulse 2 in Bradford until I became the CEO of the Christian charity Reach Beyond. We work in community development and the media worldwide, helping with primary healthcare, water projects, disaster relief and community radio projects. Reach Beyond recently received funding to create a new community space in Grattan Road in Bradford.