Billy Corbett’s Testimony

Here I am back to reality, life on life’s terms with constant battles, day in day out! The first is getting a grip on addiction. I’ve been a drug addict for more than half my life; probably spent over 20 years in and out of jail or remand centres.

I’m 37, I have wasted the best days of my life with my selfish ways, always thinking about poor little me, who actually has got more than most people ever have! I used to think that I was better off in jail, everything done. If you can keep up with routine! What a fool; nearly 40 and just realized how selfish I truly have been, how lucky. Read more

Secret Millionaire

Andrew Feldman the youngest ever secret millionaire came to Bradford under cover as a volunteer & got involved with The Hidden Voices magazine, a homeless magazine setup by activist & Homeless campaigner Gary Staniforth, in 2008 Gary sat on the steps at the city hall & protested Bradford council to be re-housed. Read more