Catherine  case study quarter 2 22/06/15

Catherine has been attending our life coaching group and our smart recovery over the last 3 months and has shown a great insight into the recovery process, Cathy has overcome a lot of adversity in her life and Cathy was carrying a lot of guilt and shame throughout her journey and stated she had relapsed a few times in the past.

She also stated she found it hard to let go of the guilt she carried for the loss of her children which was due to her drug use, Cathy is determined never to return to using and feels she is ready to help others who have suffered from addiction and adversity and is aiming to have more contact with her kids.

Cathy stated at the beginning of her journey with The Hidden Homeless she felt Overwhelmed and had no idea what to do next she felt as if she was slightly of control with her thoughts and feelings and a slip back was just a matter of time.

Cathy now cognises her thinking patterns which lead to negative feelings and depression. and normally leads to chaotic behaviour patterns but now Cathy is feeling good about the power and control she has over your thoughts and feelings which is enabling to move forward with her life in a positive direction.

Cathy also stated she was now able to make friends easier which had been very difficult in the past, the relationships she is making with the other clients is one that is nurturing and compassionate a real success story in the making, Cathy wants to become a facilitator and volunteer to work with her peers.


Gary Staniforth



“When I started this course, I felt I had nothing to look forward to, this course has helped me see change is possible, & that I have so much to look forward too. Thank you Nina & Gary for changing my life around” T Apps


“I have really enjoyed the course, it has helped me to open up my mind to new things & thinking. Nina runs it so well & is so lovely. I am feeling so happy right now thank you.” B Dignam


“This course has helped me to feel better about myself, I have enjoyed it so much. Nina is so lovely, I will miss her & the course each week thank you” G Exley